Bye Bye Binky

10:45 PM

This is how we at 15 months managed to cut the pacifier out of our lives. Literally
It was a tough decision. It was something I agonized over doing and I dreaded the storm to come. 6 months ago we were almost completely weaned from the pacifier but a family vacation and an unsettled baby made us go back to our dear friend. Now that my son is running all over the house trying to form words and make conversation with us I thought it was best to start the dreaded weaning process.

On November 10th I decided it was time. I felt brave enough. I must have been bored. My boy and I were playing on the floor of the living room that morning when he spotted the pacifier in my hand going to my back pocket. He had just got up for the morning and I normally took it from him then, only allowing him to use it during bedtime and nap time. Seeing how eager he was to have this thing back in his mouth I went ahead and started a process I had read about on many “mommy” forums and articles about pacifier weaning. I had read that if you poke holes in the bulb of the pacifier that it becomes less desirable to the child and they’ll eventually just kick the habit on their own. There was a small problem- my son STILL liked his paci even after I did this so I went all out. I snipped the tip of the paci completely. He didn’t like it at his nap and he didn’t like it for his second nap. At bedtime I was dreading the lack of sleep we would get and how it would affect him. He REALLY missed it that night and he cried, cried a lot. He cried for almost an hour and didn’t want me to console him. I had to go in and rub his back, let him know it was okay, rock him in the rocker, hold a funeral for the paci and let him have his last words. I fed him some yogurt, gave him some water and laid him back down in his crib with some less than ideal paci options. He was particular in the kind he liked (Avent) and I gave him 3 Mum pacifiers to choose from. He tried them- and threw them out of his crib and fell asleep.
He knew I wouldn’t budge on the issue after that and from that day on we haven’t used a pacifier for any reason whatsoever. I have to say it’s refreshing that I can lay him down now and he just goes to sleep. We're also not searching high and low for that thing before naps, bedtime or before we leave the house. One thing I did let him do early on was have a “lovey” that he carries around everywhere. If this blanket goes missing we’re really screwed because he’s more addicted to it than his pacifier. So in addition to needing “lovey” at night I let him bring more stuffed animals or his favorite book to bed with him. I don’t care what it takes for him to get himself to sleep; I just want him in his crib at his bedtime and not to cry to himself until he’s sleepy. The next day was a breeze putting him down for bed. I guess he had realized that he wasn’t going to get his beloved pacifier back and settled with something else.
I was so afraid of the process and I was so afraid of “damaging” him in some way by taking his beloved soother away. Maybe I didn’t help the situation by replacing it with other soothing items but I really didn’t want him running around with that paci in his mouth to the point that it started messing with his speech and tooth formation. At least the “lovey” is a nice camouflage berber fleece from Cabelas that he carries around- not some piece of rags drug behind him like Linus from the Peanuts. That might be another battle to conquer down the road…. I never said we were perfect....*sigh*

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