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11:35 PM


In December it snowed. This was our quaint little house filled with about a foot of snow. I thought this crazy weather was over with but we were struck again with a snow storm turned ice storm this February. I didn't get any pictures of the second storm but I did get some pictures of the clean up :)

Courtesy of the husband :)

Little man on his first sled ride.

Little Man found his truck underneath all of that snow. Finally he can play with it again! It took us two weeks after the storm but we finally finished today.

He was very good at helping his daddy pick up the sticks that scattered our yard. He was such a good helper, and he looks so grown up!

I love this picture of him. I used the white side of the reflector and his face came out so clear and crisp. He has a pretty serious face here which is unusual since he's normally trying to cheese it up for the camera.

I can't believe 7 weeks has gone by already this year. On the 27th my little guy turns 18 months old. Time is just going by too fast and he's growing like a weed before my eyes. He's such a sweet boy with such a sweet nature and full of fun. He loves to make people laugh and he's using the expressions "all gone" and "up" so much these days. 

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