10:15 PM

This was little mans first Easter Egg hunt. He did good- just had a ball finding little treasures in the grass and putting them in his "real" chicken egg basket. 

We always go to church and brunch with my grandparents and I tend to forget that there is a magical Easter Bunny that hides eggs in the afternoon. I almost completely blew the whole thing in front of my precious nephew. Now that I have a little one I guess I have to start remembering things like that ;) 

We had some beautiful weather that day so it made for gorgeous pictures :) I also started using Adobe Lightroom. What a difference! Even though I felt like a lot of my shots didn't need any enhancing I just did it for the heck of it. I'm pretty impressed so far. 

I hope everyone had a lovely and precious Easter.

Say hello to the cheese-ball!

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