DIY: Peter Pan Mug

10:03 PM

A friend of mine who adores the story of Peter Pan graduated from College this past week. I needed to get her a gift and a normal coffee mug just wouldn't do. I had to think of something better, creative, something she wouldn't just toss in a pile of things never to use ;) So I made her this:

Again, so much fun to make (sorta!) I had a ton of ideas that didn't work out so well and learned a new trick along the way. If you screw up on your design you can spray it down with rubbing alcohol and start it all over again. I did about 3 times. 

I have a bunch of Peter Pan designs I want to try out. I'll just keep practicing and creating, and maybe my friend will buy them all up ;) Congrats girl on your accomplishment, and all of us who know you best know that just because you have a big girl degree you still are a child at heart :) And we love you so much for it. Keep on dreaming, there are stars still to catch. 

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