Fathers Day Sharpie Mug

11:14 PM

I did some research on Pinterest for some awesome Fathers day Ideas and I discovered this fun project:

Sharpie Drawn Mugs

It was the cutest idea too, draw your states that you each live in, and draw a line from one to the other. So simple, so cute and so useful! My dad and I are coffee drinkers, so this project seemed like the perfect one for him.

These were the instructions I did to produce my masterpiece!

1) Bought a cheap mug. I bought one from Target. From my research, the cheaper the better. These ones don't have the super thick glaze over them so the Sharpie can permeate better into the ceramic.

2) Buy some OIL BASED Sharpie Paint pens. I found mine at a Benjamin Franklin craft store. I know Michael's should have them and so should Hobby Lobby.

3) Found a simple drawing of each of our states (his California, mine Oregon) and print them out to the size you need to fit your cup.

4) Clean the surface of your cup with rubbing alcohol.

5) Cut out each state and on the back side take a pencil and rub over the back of the paper. Then lay the state on the cup and trace. You'll see that the pencil transferred onto the cup quite nicely (at least mine did)

6) PRACTICE! Those paint pens take some coaxing. So I shook them forever (it seemed!) and then moved the tip up and down on the bottom of a cup until the paint made it to the tip. Of course I had to doodle a little to get a feel for what I was working with. SURPRISE! It's just like writing with a normal Sharpie. No extra sludge left over, just crisp lines.

7) When I felt brave enough I traced over the lines I drew on the cup. I topped it off by drawing tiny red hearts where we live in our state and wrote an "I heart U" in the middle.

8) Let it sit for about 24 hours. This allows the paint to "cure" onto the ceramic. Lots of places told me that their paint smudged going directly into the oven. I didn't want that to happen so, I let it sit. I had laundry to fold anyways....

9) Bake. So many places I looked said it was best to bake in a cold oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. I went a full hour.(This means put the cup inside of the oven and turn it on to 425 degrees. Don't be a smart alack like a friend of mine in home economics and ask how anything can cook in a "cold" oven) I made the mistake of setting it on a cookie sheet. Don't do that. Unless you want the dogs and baby all crying at you because the fire alarm was going off. My bad. SO, just set it on the rack, it should do the trick. Also- good tip here- Let the cup sit inside of the oven until it's cold. This is supposed to help the cup reach a comfortable temperature and probably avoid breaking going from extreme hot to a much cooler temperature outside of the oven.

10) Admire and send! I was so excited to send this off, and I was so proud of myself! I'm even considering creating custom cups for people who want them. Watch out Etsy world- I'll take you by storm! The plus side to this project was that the practice cup has been through the dishwasher a few times already and the paint is still there. I would still advise to hand wash, but hey, I was pretty excited after hearing the horror stories of all the hard work just coming off in one wash.

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I think they turned out pretty cute! If you are interested in having me make you one please message me or leave me a comment below! Thank you! 

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