Tandy Leather Expedition Bag: Step 13

6:51 PM

Oh dreaded Step 13. Of course someone is stuck on Step 13 ;)

I finished this bag in November, I worked on every night for about 3 weeks until it was finished. But I can still help with the steps.

The diagram on the paper is confusing, and I ended up going into my local Tandy Store in Eugene, OR for their advice and expertise almost every week or day, or every new step.

This step is the foundation for building the sides of our bag. You'll want to make sure you have your anvil on something very hard to set these rivets. I had many fly off during this process so in my frustration I took my clumsy project to my cast iron wood stove and drove those rivets in so hard that there would be no way they were ever going to come apart.

That's basically all step 13 is, setting the 3 rivets on each side. 1st the smallest rivet and then 2 more of the larger ones. Hopefully these pictures will help you. Your bag is going to look like a blown out messenger bag. Because all that's left is sewing and burnishing these sides.Which as you can see, I still need to do. And I'll do a tutorial on the sewing part and how I managed to survive the intimidation.

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  1. Something is wrong with the images on this post. I think they are mapped to your email account rather and not viewable to the public. I'm really curious in seeing the photos you took of your completed briefcase since I'm working on the same project.

  2. I'm dreadfully sorry this took so long for me to get fixed. I imagine you've completed your project.


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