4th of July

9:41 PM

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love the closeness of the community, I love the Patriotism, the family BBQ we have after the parade, and of course the exciting fireworks show at the end of the day and the Rodeo we attend every year. Our town goes all out for the 4th of July, so we always participate in the parade and the Fireworks. They even had venues up this year but we hurried home to prep for our BBQ. Next year I think we'll hang around and see the acts, play in the bounce house and eat shaved ice. This year our Little Man was big enough to get to enjoy some of the featured floats. Tractors and fire trucks of course were his favorite. Big monster trucks however- scared the crap out of him.... :/

This truck scared him..... Lol. 

When the Marine's float went by everyone roared louder- and I told Little Man to say "thank you Marines!" and he yelled out "Tank-You Man-eens!" and waved his flag as hard as he could. Heart. Melted. 

I know my face is kind of cut out here but I just love Little Mans face. The parade was nice with him this year, next year I bet will be even better.
For his second Rodeo Little Man did really well. He finally figured out that animals came out of the shoot and "cow-bees" would hold on for their life. By the time the bulls came out (the last event) he was yelling "come-out! come-out!" to the bull shoots. He's also gaining a little bit of his own idependence. He wants to sit by himself on the bench or in his own chair. The days of sitting on mommy's lap for everything seems to be dwindling day by day. It feels like the end of an era.

Whats better than enjoying a corn dog on a make-believe horse??

This is what we did most of the weekend- play in water. I got to "play" in the water also- even if it wasn't up to me. ;) I was pretty much soaked after this picture was taken. 
I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July.
p.s. Excuse my lack of editing. I really need to break down and purchase Light Room.

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