Happy 2nd Birthday!

9:14 AM

We've been so busy having fun that I've neglected the blog! hopefully when it cools down a bit things will start to calm down and I can do my weekly posts again.

We've been running around attending parties, fairs, parades and playing outside that it has just been pure fun and giggles here! Here are some of the snapshots I've managed to get. Today marks a big milestone too! Oh how time flies....

I can't believe that our little man is Two years old today! He's so funny and full of life and so sweet. He strives to please, is a complete goof ball, loves to be held (Hold You! is what he calls it...) loves to wrestle with this daddy and throw toys for the dogs. He calls pizza "Peetzee" and his boo-boos "Boo-bahs." He knows what he likes in shoes and shirts and admires cowboys and their handiness with their guns. He's mommy's love bug and daddy's helper. He's obsessed with being outside and playing until his little legs just can't run anymore. He's fallen off of our porch on his bike, tangoed with a crazy rooster, camped and fished so pleasantly for only one holiday, suffered from hand foot and mouth disease, had a horrible reaction to antibiotics that he inherited from his daddy and also suffered from his first round of allergies. We think he'll live off of peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt (at least we hope!) and a big ol' glass of coconut milk. I wouldn't be as motivated to stay in shape or create patience and passion for life if it weren't for this cute little guy. He doesn't know it yet but he has made me into a better person by making me learn how to forgive, how to love wholeheartedly and to be selfless. You never really know what all of that stuff means before you have a kid. People tell you all about it but there is no comparison. You have to live this yourself to understand. We have hard days, difficult days, blissful lazy days together. We run almost every errand together, bicycle together, sing and dance. I couldn't imagine my life without him! You're a beautiful little boy and mommy and daddy love you very much! Have a happy birthday little guy! Cheers to many, many, many more!

Fake gun ladies....fake gun. We're being cowboys right now... ok? :)

We watch a lot of Westerns with Daddy.... Aren't my romeos and shorts just adorable?

Playing around at Gma & Gpaw Baurer's 50th Anniversary Party. Stealing the Show!

Aunt Dana didn't know you would meet her for a surprise Graduation Party at Phiffer Vineyards did she?

My Loves :)

What were those people doing on those rides at the Fair??!!

There have been a lot of fires, so the sunsets have been stunning. Amazes me when Little Man sees the sky is red, he goes "fires mommy! fires!" So smart it scares me....

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