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7:30 PM

I've been obsessed with Young Living Essential Oils since last year when I bought my first bottle of Lavender and Thieves. The husband loves Lavender to promote healthy sleep patterns and it helps him relax at the end of the night. And Thieves helped me make an awesome household cleaner. It was nice we were using products that weren't harmful to our bodies. I finally gave in this last month and bought the Premium Starter Kit. Wowza! Thanks a lot Young Living, I'm now addicted to ALL of the oils. My latest obsession... Purification.

I've been using it in our diffuser with Lemon oil to rid of our smelly house (3 boys, 2 dogs, and lots of fish eating, you get my drift) I also put a drop or two on a cotton ball and tape it to our ductless air system to blow the oil throughout the house.

Then there is left over laundry...Like the kind that you have forgot about for a day or two. it starts to get that stinky swampy smell after a day or two in the washer? (whoops!)

I will take a wet cloth and put 4-5 drops of Purification on it and I'm amazed to find there is NO TRACE of a swampy smell at all.

Normally I would just rewash the clothes. Now I can be even lazier... Just kidding. Who likes doing laundry anyways?! Is there an oil that will fold them also?! Kidding... Just kidding... sorta

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