How to Make Baby Shampoo with Young Living Oils

10:58 PM

Has anyone seen the Portlandia episode where they do the spoof on natural products?
"It's so Natural! It doesn't work... But it's Natural!"
That's how I've felt about natural beauty products. Don't mess with my shampoo and conditioner!

The Johnson & Johnson topic of the company using a chemical that released formaldehyde came back to light this week. It was all over Facebook and it got me thinking. Why am I even using a "special" baby soap? Is it all a marketing scheme? I mean, I love my babies but I stopped using the special shampoo on my Little Man after the bottle ran out. So, when it came to Tiny arriving I bought another bottle. Now, I won't be buying any more bottles.

Here's the thing: buying certain items every month kills me. Shampoo, Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets and Dish Washer Soap. I absolutely hate purchasing these items. Most of it stems from the cost of these items. I find it rediculous to have to buy shampoo and conditioner costing me around $10, dish washing soap for $5 and Laundry Detergent UGH! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE! I've been making progress in these last few months. I've eliminated Dryer Sheets. Now I use those rubber balls instead and I'll probably be moving on to the wool dryer balls here soon. I use my Young Living Oil Purification to make the laundry smell fresh and clean. Next to go was the baby shampoo. I found a recipe and I gave it a shot. I doubled the recipe because I wanted to fill an old shampoo bottle I had hanging around.

In my area of Eugene, OR our Market Of Choice has a bulk section for soaps and shampoos. My mind was blown. I could buy the same 16 oz bottle of Dr. Bronners Castile Soap for $5.59 vs the $9.95 as it sat pre-packaged on the shelf. I already had Coconut Oil from Trader Joe's that I paid $5.99 for about a year and a half ago. And I used my Young Living Oils of choice: Lavender and Peace and Calming II.

I used it on both the boys and I and I was impressed at how well it worked. My hair actually feels lighter and bouncier. It's soft and smooth not straw-like how I imagined it would be.

So I'm sold.

I think I can eliminate shampoo from my grocery list. As long as I keep Dr. Bronners on hand (I can still make about 4 more bottles of shampoo with what I have left) I think I'll be good. Can I get the husband to convert? I don't know, I'll need to find a "manly" smell for him to use. I would like to find a Young Living Blend that smells like Old Spice- I love it so much on him I don't know if I could sacrifice the cost. (I kid.. I kid... kinda...)

Here are the ingredients I used. Easy Peasy.

These are the Young Living Oils I chose. You can choose whichever one's you like. I chose these two because I normally do bath time at night so I was hoping they would help wind down the boys. Now, knock on wood, I used this tonight on Little Man and within 30 minutes he told me "mommy- I need to go to bed... I'm tired" Again. Oils for the Win! 

The consistency of this shampoo/body wash is a good consistency. It's not too runny and it's not super globby. The coconut oil stays in a liquefied form. If it's too cold in your house it'll probably start to solidify. But it has no chance in my hot shower- even my skin melts when I'm in there. 

After testing it out on my hair I needed to take a selfie. It's incredible how light and fluffy my hair feels. And It's soft. I expected it to feel so rough, tangled and straw-like. So I'm super impressed. I can't wait to find a scent that smells like Old Spice. I'm going to whip some up for the husband. And maybe I'm a little obsessed with making oily recipes.... Hello Body washes! Bath Fizzes! Face Scrubs! 

I'm so glad I finally purchased my starter kit through Young Living Oils. I waited too long. Way way too long. If you're having any hesitation- don't. Every oil is worth it. Your health is worth it. Your family will benefit in so many ways from oils. I cannot get enough of them. There are so many oils and so many uses for them that I'm sure I'm never going to have them all or know all of their uses. 

More Blog Posts to Come!

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